A Plea to the Curia Regarding Sexual Slavery

From Christian Leopold Shea to
H.E. the Secretary for Relations With States,
Secretariat of State, Vatican City
Armistice Day, 1999

Your Eminence:

Many years ago, although a college graduate, accepted to matriculate at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, California, I was rendered jobless, homeless, and utterly destitute. By what I can only attribute to either the most sublime serendipity or the Grace of a Merciful Providence, I stopped in at the offices of the Catholic Charities, adjacent to the campus of the Law School. There, fortuitously (some would say miraculously) the first job offer which I had received in two years was presented to me, along with an offer of housing. Had I made any decision but those which I did that day, had I acted one minute earlier or later in anything, I would probably be dead or utterly destitute today.

Although I was not able to attend law school because of financial hardship, I was able to survive. My life has been almost as miserable as Job's, with riches, happiness and health alternating with poverty, disease, and the deaths of those close to me. I have never lost faith, however, that the Providence which guided me to be in exactly the right place at exactly the right time in the offices of Catholic Charities was for a purpose. Today, Your Eminence, I am presumptuous enough to speculate that I know what that purpose was.

Below the following selection from Dives in Misericordia is the text of an e-mail which I sent to Anti-Slavery International (ASI) and to the organization End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism (ECPAT). The e-mail forwards an e-mail which I received soliciting my participation in the promotion of an Internet sexual slavery ring. As I explain in my letter to the ASI and the ECPAT, I have fought for months -- alone, apparently -- against the organization which distributed this letter seeking my participation in this sexual slavery conspiracy. In my e-mail to them, I beg their assistance to fight this apparently benign "American" Internet Service provider, which has spread its tentacles into almost every form of vice imaginable on at least four continents.

Your Eminence, in accordance with Dives in Misericordia, I humbly ask that the Curia extend a hand of friendship and guidance to these organizations and to the governments of the countries where these evils are taking place, to rid the world of this insidious foulness which reaches from the richest halls of wealth into the humblest of homes with the youngest of children. The American businesses which might fight like lions against this diabolical conspiracy are motivated by profit. The influence of the Holy See in this matter would make it profitable for them to act on the side of goodness. Many of the scribes and Pharisees were wealthy, but so was Joseph of Arimathea. I pray that the Holy See will act to guide the American companies to which I refer in my e-mail to walk in the light and "proclaim release to the captives."

Most humbly submitted,

Christian Leopold Shea


3. When Christ Began To Do and To Teach

Before His own townspeople, in Nazareth, Christ refers to the words of the prophet Isaiah: "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed, to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord."(19) These phrases, according to Luke, are His first messianic declaration. They are followed by the actions and words known through the Gospel.

By these actions and words Christ makes the Father present among men. It is very significant that the people in question are especially the poor, those without means of subsistence, those deprived of their freedom, the blind who cannot see the beauty of creation, those living with broken hearts, or suffering from social injustice, and finally sinners. It is especially for these last that the Messiah becomes a particularly clear sign of God who is love, a sign of the Father. In this visible sign the people of our own time, just like the people then, can see the Father.

From: "Christian Leopold Shea" 
To: antislavery@gn.apc.org, ecpatbkk@ksc15.th.com
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Subject: Fwd: Sell our slaves, earn commision
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 10:49:21 GMT
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Honourable Members of Anti-Slavery International and End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism: 

"Since childhood's earliest hour" it was my desire to become a member of the old British and Foreign
Anti-Slavery Society, but the opportunity never arose. Now that it is Anti-Slavery International, I
cannot (being disabled) afford the membership. What I can do, however, is by God act in the spirit of
the Society! 

In June of 1999, the American Internet Service Provider (ISP) GeoCities, was purchased by Yahoo! Inc.,
which is a front company for a Delaware corporation (the State of Delaware has extremely lax laws
regarding the incorporation of businesses). This Delaware Corporation is, in turn, a front for a
Japanese _zaibatsu_. 

Since the acquisition of GeoCities by Yahoo! Inc. in June of this year, I, and presumably tens of
thousands of other GeoCities members (many as young as thirteen years of age) have been sent countless
dozens of unsolicited e-mails, distributed by Yahoo! GeoCities for un-named "international partners." 
The bulk of this e-mail has concerned solicitations for pornography, including what appears to be child
pornography, for drugs which are illegal to purchase within the United States, for international
gambling syndicates, and for a supplier of false identifications (which would make it easier for
underaged teenagers to obtain the above materials). 

Since July I have waged a one-man war against Yahoo! Inc.'s distribution of this salacious and
unsolicited e-mail, and their outrageous demands that GeoCities members (many of whom, I remind you, are
as young as thirteen years old) surrender to Yahoo! the rights to the contents of their GeoCities
"homesteads" (a special category of Internet web site). Since Yahoo! has already shown its willingness
to supply information to pornographers, the "terms of service" which they demand that all members sign
would permit them to supply these same pornographers with pictures of children which are posted on
GeoCities, without the consent or control of the parents of these children. 

I have detailed my bitter campaign against Yahoo! Inc. on another ISP, beginning at
http://members.tripod.com/the-grand-panjandrum/yahoo.html . My efforts have not only been in vain, they
have actually helped Yahoo! Inc. in its growth and increased its profitability. For example, I sent
detailed information about the activities of Yahoo! Inc. and some of its international "partners" to ITN
World Television; they responded by doing a "puff piece" on Yahoo's American chairman which helped to
increase the value of its stock -- I would not say that there is a lot of money to be had in
racketeering, but I have never heard of anyone going bankrupt by exploiting human vices and the misery
of the oppressed. 

On 31 October 1999 I received the following e-mail which has enraged me beyond all measure and which has
prompted this appeal to your two organizations. As you can see, the e-mail, which was sent to me by
Yahoo! GeoCities (UNSOLICITED, I assure you!!!) attempts to induce GeoCities members to aid and abet
sexual slavery for profit. 

I am well aware of ASI's recognition that some women voluntarily enter into sexual relationships for
money (position quoted in full below), but as a visit to the following link will suggest, the women (and
perhaps children) being exploited by this "partner" of Yahoo! Inc. are not necessarily acting with full

http://www.cashprogram.com/fetish/banner02.jpg (Warning: this image may be deemed offensive to some
viewers of sensitive constitution, but slavery itself is offensive to most persons.) 

Given that many female sex workers in Asia and in Europe, especially Eastern Europe, are driven into the
occupation out of dire financial necessity, and given that Yahoo! Inc. is not above distributing similar
solicitations for possible child pornographers (please see
http://www.savana.com/webmasters/sugarcash3.jpg which came attached to a similar unwanted e-mail
solicitation for an example of the young age of the flesh which these pornographers peddle), I cry out
to you in despair as influential NGO's to please -- for the love of God! -- DO SOMETHING about Yahoo!

At a time when the Japanese government is refusing to pay reparations to British and American prisoners
of war who were forced to work as slave labor, and refusing to pay any compensation to Korean women who
were sexually enslaved by the Japanese Imperial Army, I am outraged beyond all belief that a Japanese
_zaibatsu_ would brazenly send solicitations to webmasters to promote sexual slavery on the Internet. 

What can your organizations do? Much! Simply asking friendly law enforcement agencies to investigate
the activities of Yahoo! Inc. and its "partners" will be a step in the right direction. Publicly
denouncing Yahoo! Inc. for sending out these solicitations for webmasters to profit by the sexual
enslavement of others would be world news and would force the hands of many governments to intervene
against this atrocious misconduct. 

I am one man. I can do little besides cry out in the wilderness. Arrayed against me is a
multi-national _zaibatsu_ worth hundreds of millions of dollars, allied with pornographers, gambling and
drug interests, and sexual slavers with billions of dollars in assets. But if my feeble cry can stir
your two organizations to action, there are others with far greater assets and a far longer reach who
would join the fray. 

I made reference to Yahoo! Inc.'s "terms of service," which I detail in the pages on my Tripod web
site. On my GeoCities web site -- presently immune to Yahoo! because I refuse to agree to their "terms
of service" -- are copyrighted images licensed to me by the Walt Disney Company, Time-Warner, Sony,
Paramount Pictures, Viacom, etc., companies which, between them, own approximately 40% of the world's
telecommunications media. In the United States of America, about four members of our House of
Representatives and two United States Senators represent all of these companies in Washington. Not one
of them will "rock the boat," but the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society, in its hey-day, sank
whole fleets of slave ships. If Anti-Slavery International and End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism
will firmly commit to take action extra-governmentally against this sexual slave trade and possible
racketeering, I, lone man that I am, can approach each of these six members of the American Congress and
demonstrate that it is in the financial interests of their constituents to act to protect their
_copyrights_ which Yahoo! Inc.'s "terms of service" threaten. Company executives who might not give a
fig about the sexual slavery of women and children will care plenty if their Congressional
representative explains to them that the same company which is promoting this sex slavery ALSO wants to
obtain "world-wide, royalty-free rights" to THEIR copyrighted materials. Money talks. None of these
companies, however, will do anything unless some large group takes a stand against Yahoo! Inc. and its

If ASI and ECPAT take a strong stand against Yahoo! Inc.'s promotion of sexual slavery, some of the
richest and most powerful corporations in the world will find it in their own financial interests to
support you against what they will surely perceive as a threat to themselves. They will act to protect
their copyrights; if, in so doing, they influence the Government of the United States and other
governments to smash international sexual slavery rings which exploit women and children, everyone
benefits except the bad guys. 

So, I formally ask you, will Anti-Slavery International and End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism act
against Yahoo! Inc.'s world-wide promotion of sexual slavery or not? The decision is yours alone. 

Sincerely yours, 
Christian Leopold Shea 

cc: H.E. the Secretary for Relations With States, Secretariat of State, Vatican City 

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From: Tessie 

Subject: Sell our slaves, earn commision 

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---------- Text of ASI's Statements Regarding Sexual Slavery --------- 

'(i) Women 

'Women are vulnerable both because male employers can use physical force against them and because of the
additional possibility of sexual abuse. 

'There is a growing debate about whether all those who work in the sex industry, for example as
prostitutes. should be considered to be victims of slavery, as they are in most cases completely
unprotected by the law as far as their terms of employment and conditions of work are concerned. There
are cases where women are clearly forced to work as prostitutes, which evidently violates the
conventions against slavery. But there are also other cases where women choose to work in this area,
and, whatever the pressures which push them to make this choice, they deserve the protection of the law
against hazardous conditions or slavery-like terms of employment. 

'(ii) Children 

'Children have already been mentioned above as a group which is especially vulnerable, particularly when
child labour occurs in conjunction with certain other practices, such as debt bondage, early marriage
and domestic work. They too are vulnerable to physical abuse and intimidation and face the threat of
sexual abuse.' 

----------------------------- End Message -------------------------- 

Your Eminence:

For your convenience I have created links to the first of my five pages documenting Yahoo! Inc.'s actions, to the sexual slavery banner, and to what appears to be a banner soliciting the distribution of child pornography. I beg to re-emphasize to Your Eminence that these latter two banners were linked to e-mails which were, in all likelihood, sent around the world to children as young as thirteen years of age, and perhaps much younger. I pray that the Curia has readied millstones for the necks of the officials of Yahoo! Inc. and its parent zaibatsu, and will put them to a swift use!

Yahoo! Inc.

The sexual slavery link.

The possible child pornography link.

End of Appeal to the Holy See.