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"Economics is the 'dismal' social science which analyzes the means necessary to fulfill unlimited human desires with limited resources."

All books are from Alibris, except those marked "A.B.E." (American Book Exchange) or "" (Barnes and Noble)

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Updates from June 1, 2000 not integrated into the master list.

** Philosopher's Stones set, $13


*** The Book-Lover's Enchiridion, 1884, $14 reading copy

*** The Book-Lover's Enchiridion, 1884, $47, much better copy

*** The Book-Lover's Enchiridion, 1890, $41

Neo-Philobiblon, 1973, inscribed by author, $24 This is not THE Philobiblon, but a modern book, collected in its own right.

A.B.E. Osprey, etc.

Most are very reasonably priced, but s & h must be included. Ordering many books from one dealer may be cheaper than order just a few from a couple of dealers. It's also a pitiful example of the possible need (for the sake of prudent spending) to send money to the Hate State.

Desirability of the volume (if not this particular copy) is indicated by an *, with The Afghan Wars obviously number one on the hit parade! Repeat listings are for multiple available copies, usually from different dealers.

World of Shakespeare: Plants. This is an Osprey, believe it or not!

*** The Afghan Wars 1839 - 1919 ***

* Anglo-Saxon Thegn 449-1066AD, Warrior 5

* Anglo-Saxon Thegn, 449-1066, Warrior 5

The Persian Army, 560-330 BC

Alexander, 334-323 BC: Conquest of the Persian Empire

Lake Peipus, 1242: Battle of the Ice, Campaign 46

* Late Roman Cavalryman, 236-565 AD, Warrior 15

* Early Roman Armies, MAA 283

* Early Roman Armies, MAA 283

* Early Roman Armies, MAA 283

* The Wars of the Roses, MAA 145

Rome's Enemies, Volume 5: The Desert Frontier, MAA 243

* German Medieval Armies, 1000-1300, MAA 310

* Byzantine Armies 1118-1461 AD, MAA 287

* Rome's Enemies: Germanics and Dacians, MAA 129

Armies of the Caliphates, MAA 320

* Late Roman Infantryman, 236 - 565 AD - Weapons Armour Tactics, Warrior 9

Republican Roman Army, 200-104 B.C., MAA 291

Armies of the Muslim Conquest, MAA 255

* Chinese Civil War Armies 1911-49, MAA 306

* The Mamluks 1250-1517, MAA 259

The Mongols, MAA 105

Henry V and the Conquest of France 1416-53, MAA 317

* Granada 1492, Campaign 53

Sekigahara 1600, Campaign 40

Early Samurai, 200-1500 AD

The Armies of Islam, 7th-11th Centuries, MAA 125

French Army 1870-71, I: Imperial Troops, MAA 233

* Rorke's Drift 1879, Campaign 41 (incorrectly listed by dealer as MAA book).

Greek and Persian Wars, MAA 69

Napoleon's Egyptian Campaigns 1798-1801, MAA 79 (?)

* Napoleon's Overseas Army, MAA 211

The Ancient Assyrians, Elite 39


Cast Coinage of Korea, $32

Selections From the Numismatist: Ancient and Medieval Coins

An Outline of Ancient Greek Coins, $21

A Series of About 200 Anglo-Gallic..., 1757 1st Ed., $205

*Chinese Imperial Names - A Finding List, 1944, $56

A New System of Modern Geography, 1st Am. Ed., 1794, Vol. 1 ONLY, $525

End Non-Integrated Updates.

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Begin: Organized & Integrated Book List


Without actually examining these almanacs, it is difficult to tell what brand is best for gaming purposes, although, as indicated, the World Almanac is probably a good choice for its year of issue. The Catch-22 with using historical almancs for gaming is that is necessary to own not only the almanac for the year of the game, but also the almanac for the following year if it features a day-by-day chronology: the following year's almanac has the actual news for the year of the game. It is also unknown which, if any, of these almanacs following the contemporary grift of publishing part of the calendar year (until October, for example), with the following year's almanac carrying the end of the year which is of interest. A full year's almanac which has a daily chronology for the preceding year would thus require two editions to fully cover the year 1927: a 1927 almanac for the calendrical, astronomical, and political information, and the 1928 almanac for the daily news of 1927. A 1926 almanac would help to establish background; its information would probably be of greatest use to those desiring to flesh out their characters -- one never knows when knowledge of the previous year may be necessary (e.g., to provide an alibi) or to try to establish the existence of some ongoing pattern (of human sacrifices, for example).

Obviously, some of these almanacs are specialized, such as Rawleigh's Good Health Almanac. The descriptions given of the individual volumes are very helpful; some of these are loaded with period advertising, for instance.

Baer's Agricultural Almanac, 1928, $14

Baer's Agricultural Almanac, 1928, $14

Chicago Daily Almanac 1928, $17

Morrow's Almanac 1928, $20

Morrow's Almanac 1928, $20

Morrow's Almanac 1928 (for '29?), $17

Nature Almanac 1927, $12

North American Almanac 1927, $17

North American Almanac 1927, $26

North American Almanac 1928, $26

North American Almanac 1928, $26

North American Almanac 1929, $13

Rawleigh's Good Health Almanac 1927, $14

World Almanac 1927, $26 -- probably the best all-around almanac for gaming purposes.


The following 1927 - 1929 materials are primarily for Call of Cthulhu although they have their own value as numimatic references. The August and October 1927 Numismatist magazines WERE available; they may have been sold or may have different URLs now; they would have to be searched for on-line. I have no idea if it would be possible to buy such a long "run" of magazines at a substantial discount.

Star Rare Coin Encyclopedia, 1928, $22

Star Rare Coin Encyclopedia, 1929, $31. After the Crash -- should make for interesting reading!

Numismatist, March 1927, $25

Numismatist, April 1927, $25

Numismatist, May 1927, $25

Numismatist, June 1927, $25

Numismatist, July 1927, $25

Numismatist, September 1927, $25

Numismatist, November 1929, $25. After the Crash -- should make for interesting reading!


Other Numismatic Books

Generally, unless there is a difference in edition, "price denotes quality."


A Guide to the Principal Coins of the Greeks, Barclay V. Head, $111. One of the "holy grails" of numismatic bibliography. I may even own a copy. If I do, I sure as heck wouldn't use it unless I had a back-up copy!


Currency of Fame: Portrait Medals $62. A truly beautiful book -- everyone should have a copy!

Currency of Fame: Portrait Medals $62


Unknown Renaissance Portrait Medals, $20

Unknown Renaissance Portraits: Medals of Famous $8.00


Coins and Medals: Thier Place in ..., 1885, $26


Beauty and Lore of Coins, Currency and Medals, $26

Beauty and Lore of Coins, $29


Coins in History, Porteous, $14


Discours de la Religion des Anciens, 1672, $750


De Numis: Dissertationes XX., 1st Ed., 1716, $480


Discorsi di M. Enea Vico Parmigiano, Venice, 1558, $600


Gold Coins of the World, $12


Brand Collection, Part 1, Roman & European, $26


Coin Types of the Indo-Greek Kings, $17

Coin Types of the Indo-Greek Kings, $10


Ancient Coins, Ted G. Wear, $13


Kingdom of Coins and the Queer People, 1894, $26 Who could resist a book with a title like this?!


A Catalogue of Early Indian Coins, $14


Copper Coins of India, $23


Copper Coins of the German States, Eklund, $12


Copper Coins of Spain, Eklund, $12


Ducal Talers and Multiples of Bavaria, $21


Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Greek Coins, $26


Checklist of Siege and Necessity Issues 16th-20th Centuries, $12


German Siege Pieces From the Sixteenth to the 20th Century, $12


Royal Greek Portrait Coins, 1st Ed., $21

Royal Greek Portrait Coins, reprint, $17

Royal Greek Portrait Coins, $17


Coins in Shakespeare: A Numismatic Guide, $53

Coins in Shakespeare, $19


Selections From the Numismatist: Ancient and Medieval, $19


The Coinage of the European Continent, $32


Ancient and Modern Coins (Schoonmaker Collection), $14


The Venetian Tornesello: A Medieval Colonial Coin , $15


Coinage of Medieval Austria, Szego, $17


Coins of the Popes, Coffin, 1946, $14


Statehood Quarters Collection 1999 to ..., $10 Nu, I have to keep them someplace!



First Edition Reprints

These are not only invaluable research tools, they are collectable in their own right. Ironically, although the 1st edition of the First Folio reprint is more avidly collected and more expensive, the 2nd edition reprint is better corrected.

First Folio of Shakespeare, 1996 2nd Ed., $120

First Folio of Shakespeare, 1996 2nd, $120,

First Folio of Shakespeare, 1996 2nd Ed., $120

First Folio of Shakespeare, 1996 2nd Ed., $100, A.B.E.


Gutenberg Bible reprint, 1st ed., $360 (good price!) Reprints of this can run into the tens of thousands of for high-quality editions, and almost always several hundred dollars, even for ordinary print runs.


Encyclopedia Britannica 1st ed. reprint $56 (SOLD?)

Encyclopedia Britannica 1st ed. reprint $74

Literary, Historical, and Scientific Works

DECLINE AND FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE -- There are many editions, obviously, but a lot of them are abridged and make for very dull reading. The full book is the thing to read; a six-volume set is the best way to go, but they tend to be a little pricey compared to the two-volume sets with eye-strain printing.

Gibbon's Decline & Fall $26

Gibbon's Decline & Fall $44


Erasmus & His Age $11

Erasmus & His Age $14


Age of Erasmus, 1st ed., 1914, $38

Age of Erasmus, reprint (?), $32


Life of Erasmus, 1825, $62


Praise of Folly, Erasmus, $10 (N.B. -- dozens of editions of this book, this just seemed like a nice copy.)


Civilization of Europe in the Renaissance, J. R. Hale, $17


Private Correspondence of Machiavelli, presentation copy, $62


Renaissance Tapestry: the Gonzaga of Mantua $12.00


Poisons and Poisoners, $14 For Pyotr and Colonel Petain!


Herbals, Their Origin & Evolution, ca. US$42, A.B.E.

Herbals, Their Origin and Evolotion, US$50, A.B.E.



I want to establish a collection of editions of this book; these are all important English and American editions. A reading copy would also be nice!

Philobilon 1st Ed. in English $478

Philobiblon 1st US edition $240

Philobiblon #24 of 70 $438



Books with an "*" are wanted for gaming purposes or to fill out a series which I have already begun to collect, or for historical research; otherwise, it makes little differenece to me in what order I obtain these. Those under $15 are extraordinarily cheap -- price either denotes quality or someone who doesn't know that many of these are worth more used than new! "MAA" equals "Men-at-Arms" series; "Warrior," "Elite," and "Campaign" series books and their numbers are indicated where known. These are by no means the only Osprey books I want -- there are dozens of them; these are the only ones I have found on-line which interest me.

*Osprey: Wars of the Roses, MAA 145, $21

*Osprey: Rourke's Drift {sic}, Campaign 41, $22

*Osprey: Rorke's Drift, Campaign 41, $13 (very cheap)

*Osprey: Late Roman Infantryman, Warrior 9, $14

*Osprey: Late Roman Infantryman, Warrior 9, $20

*Osprey: Late Roman Infantryman, Warrior 9, $17

*Osprey: Late Imperial Chinese Armies, 1520-1840, MAA 307, $17

*Osprey: Late Imperial Chinese Armies, 1520-1840, MAA 307, $16

*Osprey: French Foreign Legion 1914-1945, MAA 325, $17

Osprey: Army of Alexander the Great, MAA 148, $17

Osprey: Alexander the Great: Armies & Campaigns, $18

Osprey: Roman Army From Hadrian to Consatantine, MAA 93, $11

Osprey: German Medieval Armies, MAA 310 (MAA 320?), $17 -- new edition of a classic

Osprey: Sekigahara 1600, Campaign 40, $13 (very cheap)

Osprey: Qadesh 1300 B.C., Campaign __, $13 (very cheap)