Updated 10 May 2000

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Christian in Secret Agent.

Christian in American Psycho. Unfortunately, we have no review of it!
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Having grown used to seeing Christian as a sweet young thing in films such as The Land of Faraway (Mio min Mio), Treasure Island, and the Grand Panjandrum's favorite Balehead film, Newsies, the world wasn't quite ready to see him as the psychotic killer yuppie, Patrick Bateman, in American Psycho, but we give him plenty of credit for tackling a role so different from his prior work and from his own self.

Now let's get ready to see him play the villainous Walter Williams in the upcoming Shaft film!


For the benefit of those who have not been to Christian's official web site, there is a variant of the "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" there, but designed specifically for degrees of separation from (naturally!) Christian Bale. Unfortunately, the server at Virginia which handles the processing would not recognize the name of Trevor Fehrman, who was most recently seen on American television in the series "Odd Man Out" with Erik Von Detten, Markie Post, and Natalie Cigliutti. In an effort to ensnare yet more people into the blind worship of Christian for his birthday, we therefore ran the following on Trevor Fehrman's Message Board:

Fehrman, Trevor was in "Encore! Encore!" (1998, TV) with Plowright, Joan 
Plowright, Joan was in Mr. Wrong (1996) with Pullman, Bill
Pullman, Bill was in Newsies (1992) with Bale, Christian.

Fehrman, Trevor was in "Encore! Encore!" (1998, TV) with Plowright, Joan 
Joan Plowright was in Tom's Midnight Garden (1999) with Robert Putt 
Robert Putt was in Treasure Island (1990) (TV) with Christian Bale. 

This gives Trevor Fehrman three degrees of separation from Christian Bale, and, thus, through Trevor, Erik Von Detten has four degrees of separation. The teen idols of the Twenty-First Century will thus continue the great chain of cinematic and televised being of which Christian is the centre!

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