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The Freshmen from Dazed and Confused

That's Esteban in the middle as "Carl Burnette" -- years before Powder, Late Bloomers, and "Bone Chillers."
On the right is Wiley Wiggins.
Sorry, but we don't have any pix of the Freshmen with Ben Affleck.

Thanks to informants and our own devious channel-surfing, we have learned that Esteban has been a recurring character on the WB's "The Smart Guy" and that he played "Shane Elias" in an episode of CBS's "Promised Land." We shall try to get you pix and more info as they become available.

The Internet Movie Data Base page on Esteban does not mention it, but we have been told that he appeared in two xmas '97 episodes of "Beverly Hills 90210." He played "Ben" in the 8th Season episodes "Comic Relief" and "Santa Knows."

BE "FRIENDS" WITH ESTEBAN: In case you fans had not recognized him in his goggles, parka and other snow-boarding gear, that wass Esteban Powell who got dumped in mid-air last winter in the television Mountain Dew ad to the tune of "Tonight, Tonight" (from West Side Story). Thankfully, Esteban's sideburns are as unique as Shane McDermott's hair or Stephen Dorff's birthmark, so he is easy to spot once you know what to look for. Even if you want to "just be friends."

(And for you Stephen Dorff fans who DON'T know where his birthmark is, we refer you to any one of several sites which feature pix of him. Far be it from US to discuss his birthmark anymore!)

23 February 1999: Yes, that is Esteban at the wheel in the Mountain Dew™ commercial about what snowboarders do when they aren't snowboarding. (© 1999 by PepsiCo, Inc.)

(No, Mountain Dew isn't sponsoring this page -- if they were, we'd be on a faster server!)


Esteban in Late Bloomers:

We FINALLY saw Late Bloomers, and hope to have a review and a lot more pix for your perusal soon, but sensitive viewers should be warned: if seeing Esteban engaging in yucky heterosexual coitus will offend you, you probably shouldn't see Late Bloomers. BTW, don't let your local video store put off ordering it because it's not available on video -- it is, and has been for some time.

Esteban is Jamie Hooper in Late Bloomers. Jamie's hands wind up in a lot of unusual places.
Esteban's "devilish grin" on Jamie Hooper in Late Bloomers.

Lisa Peterson puts the squeeze on Esteban in Late Bloomers.

Jamie's friends give him the 4-1-1 on Val's mother in Late Bloomers.

"DEAL" News.

Esteban appears with Kevin "The Usual Suspects" Pollak and Michael "Party of Five" Goorjian in the Faustian comedy Deal of a Lifetime. Tommorow Films Corporation took it to AFM, the international marketplace for film makers and distributors.

8 December 1998: As of last week, Deal of a Lifetime was in the editing room, going through post- production rituals, and the producers had not yet selected a U.S. distributor for the film.

The tireless Jo had advised us that Esteban is listed as part of the cast in the erotic video Young Americans, which we haven't seen. HOWEVER this rumour seems to have originated with an ad for Young Americans which featured the cast information for the video of Late Bloomers, in which Esteban DOES appear. We apologize to anyone who was inconvenienced by this mistake, but -- trust us -- if Esteban ever does do a sexy video, we'll let you know! (And if you are into videos like Young Americans, we refer you to one of our new pages, which sets the record . . . uh . . . "straight" about a lot of cool young actors.)

If you would like to more about "Bone Chillers" and Esteban's role as "Brian" than any sane person would EVER want to know, a good starting place is Fergus's "Bone Chillers" Episode Guide.

Apropos of "Bone Chillers," another actor for whom we have great hopes, John Patrick ("A.J.") White, Esteban's former co-star on "Bone Chillers," appeared in a major role on "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer" on October 20th, which probably gave him more public exposure in one night than he has received from the two previous series in which he starred and from his numerous guest appearances on various shows. John Patrick White -- remember that name; you'll be hearing a whole lot more about him in the coming years. (He's good to his fans, too!)

Esteban's Powder co-star, Sean Patrick Flannery, is co-starring with Jerry "Sliders" O'Connell in the upcoming comedy/drama, Jello Shots.

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