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Johnny Depp is Scotland Yard's drug-addicted Inspector Frederick Abberline.

From Hell is the Hughes Brothers take on Jack the Ripper. Starring Johhny Depp as an opium and absinthe-addicted London police inspector who has visions of crimes while he is stoned, it might seem like a complete departure from what one expects from Albert and Allen Hughes (Menace 2 Society, Dead Presidents, etc.) -- for one thing, there is not one single black person in the entire cast -- but it isn't. From Hell is a gritty (but not particularly grisly)story of an urban underclass wracked by violence and substance abuse, lorded over by a corrupt System -- in this case, the "Special Branch" (i.e., the secret police) of the Metropolitan Police and the rich and powerful degenerates in high places whom they protect.

Mary Kelly (Heather Graham) plays the Whitechapel prostitiute pursued by Abberline.

With the rise in theater ticket prices and the growing international audience of our page, our old NW2: Not Worth $2 (U. S. dollars) to W8: Worth $8 rating scale has become less useful than previously, so, in line with the scale used by the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) we have adopted a scale of 1 star to 10 stars, with "1 Star" being a VERY bad movie, and "10 Stars" being a movie classic. Our On-Line Reviewer, however, has gone where IMDb has never gone before: he has added a score of Zero for those movies which are so bad that they are not even good "camp" -- movies so bad that not even "Mystery Science Theater 3000" could could make them worth watching.

On this scale, anything rated "7 Stars" or above is definitely worth the cost of a theater ticket, "8 Stars" is worth standing in line to buy a ticket, "9 Stars" is worth standing in line in a driving rain rainstorm or severe heatwave or moderate windstorm to buy a ticket, and "10 Stars" is a movie worth driving hundreds of miles to go see -- at least in Dr. Shea's own opinion. Accordingly,

FROM HELL is a 7 Star movie.

Go see it!

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