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Updated: 23 April 2003


In the nearly two years since we last updated Tobey's page, he starred in an adapted-from-a-comic-book movie that made about 300 gajillion dollars (domestic gross), but this July he will be seen in Seabiscuit, a feature film (not to be confused with the PBS special) about one of the most famous of all American thoroughbred horses. Tobey will play Seabiscuit's jockey, Red Pollard, a boxer-turned-jockey who was blind in one eye, but who rode Seabiscuit into racing history and into 20th Century American pop culture. The film is written and directed by Gary Ross, who helmed Tobey and Reese Witherspoon in the marvelous Pleasantville in 1998.

Tobey fans may also realize that this is his big reunion with horsies, too: he co-starred in Ang Lee's 1999 movie Ride With the Devil, a War Between the States film which just seemed to be Hell to its audience members, despite a cast of many young up-and-comers. As for Seabiscuit -- come on! -- it's about Seabiscuit, after all, and it's based on a best-selling book, and it has a cute young star playing the underdog jockey (requiescat in pace, Roddy McDowell). How can it fail to break the $100,000,000 mark in theaters? (Of course, given today's ticket prices, breaking the hundred megabuck mark isn't quite the challenge it used to be.)

Tobey on "The Tonight Show," to promote his last film, Wonderboys.
(c) 2000 by NBC.

Since July, 1999 our original Tobey Maguire fan page has been held hostage by the evil Yahoos who have taken over our homestead at GeoCities. We have been unable to update the site for two years despite receiving a lot of new information on Tobey, including the settlement of the lawsuit against him regarding his film Don's Plum, co-starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Kevin Connelly, Jeremy Sisto, Amber Benson, Marissa Ribisi, and many other hot young stars.

To remedy this situation, we have tried "mirroring" all of the old information from our Geocities homestead here to Tripod, where we can safely update it without worrying about evil Yahoos stealing material which the studios and the stars have entrusted to our care -- a trust which we take very seriously.


We have been trying to get a copy of Leo and Tobey's film Don's Plum for well over two years now, and we still haven't seen it. As fans of Tobey's know, he and Leo reached an out-of-court settlement with the producer of the film which makes it illegal for them to distribute the picture here. For years we have been asking, "What's the big deal?!" Why has Tobey been (allegedly) so adamant about keeping American audiences from seeing a film which (by all of the accounts which we have heard, including from eyewitnesses), Leo loved? Well, we ordinarily do not report gossip without verifying it for ourselves, but Tobey's "people" have been so bloody obstinate about not revealing the truth about his objections to the film that we are finally going to report the story which has been going around since the Berlin Film Festival in February, 2001. Bear in mind that we have not seen the film, so if Tobey would like us to report other than what we are about to say, he had better break down and send us a copy of the film for us to see for ourselves, if what we are about to report is untrue.

According to numerous sources of ours (at least five), during the film, which was shot in a very free-form fashion, with the actors and actresses improvising much of the dialogue, Tobey's character, "Ian," who is allegedly based on Tobey himself, asks whether or not any of the others who hang out in his group at their favorite diner, "Don's Plum," get off by inserting their pinky fingers . . . ah . . . rectally within themselves while . . . ah . . . er . . . achieving orgasm during sex? (Which is not of course, how Tobey/Ian phrases it!) What follows is a conversation which not only grosses out some of his fellow characters, but (allegedly) also grossed out some of his cast mates, as well.

SO! Just what does Tobey like to do at the moment of "the little death," and with whom does Tobey like to do it? Frankly, we have no idea, but the consensus seems in on what the Tobey-like character of "Ian" likes. The verdict is still out as to whether or not Ian actually got it on with "Derek" (Leonardo DiCaprio's character), but, as we have said, by all reputable reports which we have received, Leo really liked the first screening of Don's Plum, and only turned against the film when his good buddy Tobey got upset that hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people would be listening in on "Ian's" pinky sex conversation.

Of course, if we ever get our hands on a copy of the film and find that this reported dialogue doesn't actually occur, we'll certainly denounce as false all of the reports which we have been receiving about this discussion. Whether they are true or false, however, we would really like to encourage poor Tobey to take a "chill pill." Tobey, none of us who have been your fans since you were "Hotrod Brown, Class Clown" are going to hate, despise, loathe, or think less of you because of what "Ian" said in Don's Plum. For crying out loud, Tobey, it is only a movie, after all, and you are the one who has drawn everyone's attention to it. You have to learn to chill, Tobey: Don's Plum would probably have been forgotten long ago if you hadn't made a fuss about it.

(By the way, since it has been a long time since we updated Tobey's page, the significance of the title of this section is that Tobey has been cast to play "Peter Parker" in Spiderman, the live action film version of the popular comic book. Congratulations, Tobey. Now please either go wash your hands or else send us a copy of Don's Plum so that we can reassure people that it is safe to eat at the same table with you. ;)

Tobey with Michael Douglas in Wonderboys.
(c) 2000 by Warner Brothers Pictures.

Wonderboys, the quirky little film starring Tobey and Michael Douglas in which Warner Brothers had so much faith that they released it twice in the year 2000, to critical acclaim and audience disinterest both times, is really worth seeing.

Our On-Line Reviewer, who has for years prided himself on picking the winners of the writing Oscars, finally guessed wrong because of Wonderboys. He had predicted that it would win, but his second choice in the "Best Adapted Screenplay" category actually won: Traffic. The irony? Traffic stars Michael Douglas, too. Bob Dylan, of all people, won an Academy Award for his music for Wonderboys. Our reviewer gives it 7 stars out of a possible 10: we urge people to go see it. It is a very, very special treat for Tobey's fans.

Charlize Theron with Tobey in The Cider House Rules.
1999 by Miramax Pictures. All rights reserved.

While waiting for the data to be mirrored to Tripod, please check our On-Line review of Tobey's film, The Cider House Rules.

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