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Last updated: 27 JULY 2001

This is Esteban's current "head shot."

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Esteban's old head shot

WE'RE # 32!

We've mentioned previously that we have an international audience. Now EuroSeek™ has made it official:



Somewhere people have gotten the idea that Esteban is British. Not so. His official biography says that he was born in Houston, Texas, USA, in 1977. We do know his birthday, but we have been sworn to secrecy about when it is, so please don't ask us -- we won't tell.


Yes! That is Esteban butting heads with the ram in one of Mountain Dew's more recent commercials. Esteban has snowboarded, parachuted, jumped cars, sung (not really!), and now bashed heads (again, not really) for Mountain Dew. We're surprised that PepsiCo didn't put him in drag with Chinese makeup for their NOT-Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon commercial. Esteban was trained to fence when he was at school.


Esteban played Phil Collen of the band Def Leppard in the TV movie, Hysteria, but we do not have any pictures of it, unfortunately.


The company which used to provide us with our free message board discontinued the service. We have (tried) to save all of the messages, but it is going to be extremely difficult to recover them and repost them because of the formatting used by the company. We shall try to rescue Esteban's message from the mass of confused data that used to be oh-so-neatly organized, but it will take us some time. Bear with us, por favor.


Esteban and Alex Solowitz ("Bryce") rehearse a scene from Random Acts of Violence.
© 1999 by The Gutter Brothers. All rights reserved.
(Esteban, by the way, is trying to give up smoking. We wonder why?)

Esteban currently stars in Random Acts of Violence by Drew Bell and Jefferson Langley, which premiered Friday, 23rd July at Midnight (okay, it was actually 12:30 A.M. Saturday!) at Laemmele's Monica Theater in in Santa Monica, California. Our On-Line Reviewer was very impressed with this first effort at feature film making by the producers (Esteban co-produced it, by the way, his first foray into that field).

SO, Random Acts of Violence is worth seeing, and several distributors are bidding on it following a second screening for film industry insiders. Ask your local theater manager when it will be playing.

Esteban Powell is "Chris Donds" in Random Acts of Violence.
Producers: Drew Bell, Jeffferson Langley, Esteban Powell, Alex Solowitz.
© 1999 by The Gutter Brothers. All rights reserved.

The film is described as "a violent drama of privleged youth who dream as fast as they live," but mum's the word about what actually happens in the film. It's a "color noir" thriller.

We expect that the release of Random Acts of Violence and Esteban's and Michael Goorjian's Deal of A Lifetime will substantially increase Esteban's popularity and greatly increase his position on our survey. As if that wasn't enough . . . .

Esteban Got "Touched By An Angel" Last Year

Esteban appeared in a guest-starring role on "Touched By An Angel," one of the highest-rated American television shows! Winning the part after auditioning against some of today's top young stars, Esteban played a guest lead in a flash-back story to World War II. He and his co-stars (including ex-soap star Andrew Kavovit) played a squad of soldiers who make an agreement that if only one of them survives the Normandy Invasion, he will deliver letters the other squad members wrote to the people they loved.

The episode aired in "Touched By An Angel's" regular time slot, which is 8:00 P.M. in most of the USA.

We feel obliged to issue a warning to some of Esteban's long-time fans who haven't seen it, though: since he is playing a G.I., Esteban had to (GASP!) shave off his sideburns for the role. The things this guy will do for his craft....

When Christopher Masterson appeared on just one episode of the show, its ratings jumped, and they kept rising as more and more people tuned in, having been drawn to it by one of the Nielsen Master-men. Trust us -- this is not going to get ratings like "Bone Chillers"!

And speaking of "Bone Chillers,"

. . .who should have been at the industry insider screening for Random Acts of Violence than Esteban's old "Bone Chillers" co-star, John Patrick White ("Fitzgerald 'Fitz' Crump" to you die-hard fans), who now has something which we are embarassed that we never set up for him: "The 1st John Patrick White Page;" webmaster Allan has done an awesome job for JPW. Apparently, Esteban has done a pretty good job of staying in touch with his former castmates. (Dave Ruby, who has just landed a TV show in addition to all of his television commercial work, plays "Travers," the roomie of Esteban's character in Random Acts of Violence.) It was JPW, however, who clued us in that "Bone Chillers" (as well as his own first TV show, "A.J.'s Time Travellers") may soon be returning to television in re-runs on some some cable and satellite systems. (And, no, we don't know which ones, but if they are available and you want to see them, write to your local station and ask for them!)


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11 March 1999: Esteban finally has an official site on the Web! Actually, it's for entertainment industry professionals, so if you visit there, don't muck around and try to leave fan messages for Esteban -- you can do that in the guestbook here (he reads it once a year or so). DO take a peek at it, though, if you are curious about what the real movers and shakers in Hollywood look at on the Internet (besides those nudie pictures of Dr. Laura!)

"Nice car."

Yes, that is Esteban in the VW chase commercial sitting calmly in the back seat saying, "Nice car," while the guy at the wheel drives like a maniac in pursuit of a fleeing suspect. Of course, as the "old news" and the pictures below show, Esteban is getting to be an old hand at commercials with crazy car stunts. (You can also see some wild driving in his new film, Random Acts of Violence, but his character, "Chris Donds," isn't quite as calm in those scenes as he is in his television commercials!)


(1) Yes, that is Esteban at the wheel in the new Mountain Dew commercial about what snowboarders do when they aren't snowboarding. {We now have the pictures to prove it!} (2) After our running joke about trying to track down Esteban in Venice during AFM two years ago, one of his films, Deal of a Lifetime (see below), was at AFM '99. (3) 9 August 1999: apparently, Hitman's Run just became available on NTSC (US-format) videotape, but we don't have any details on it besides that it is available. Going to our old main page and clicking on the ad should give you more info and a chance to order this film, in which Esteban co-stars with Eric Roberts. Please remember to bookmark this page to come back to our new "mirrored site on Tripod. (4) 9 August 1999 update: our On-Line Reviewer actually met Esteban in the flesh at the premiere of Random Acts of Violence, and not only is Esteban a real, living, breathing human being (and not a clever computer-generated graphic), he actually likes our Jaundiced Eye site! He also has the huevos to criticize us for our occasional crass commercialism, so you'll notice that this "mirrored" site has no ads for any of our own business affiliates. It is a true labor of fandom (i.e., it's costing us good money to keep Esteban's page up and running!).

This is (will be) Esteban's current "look" -- the style he sports in his Mountain Dew commericals.

11 August 1999: "Mitch" update:

This is Esteban as "Mitch" in Powder, in a tragic hunting scene in which he gets to flex his acting muscles. Powder is an excellent introduction to Esteban's work, and helps to show why we were touting his films during AFM.

(The picture is also a LINK, by the way, to the inimmitable Darcy's Powder web site, which has more pix of Esteban, Sean Patrick Flannery, etc., and which recently moved to Tripod, too -- the picture of "Mitch" is now a link to the new site. Just click on Mitch's cute little punim to go there -- but remember to come "BACK" to us! We're updating here on Tripod now, not on Yahoo!GeoCities, so marking this page as a "favorite," or placing a "bookmark" here will help you Esteban fans to come back to the correct page instead of getting stuck in that obsolete Yahoo!GeoCities mess. The divine Darcy is already helping out Esteban's fans by placing a link directly from her page of "Mitch" photos to this page.)

Do explore Darcy's Powder site, Picture Gallery #2 has some really good pictures of Esteban with Sean Patrick Flannery. In fact, SoHo/pow20.gif (on the right side of Gallery #2) will give you a good idea of what Esteban and the other producers looked like -- or at least how they probably felt -- at the premiere of Random Acts of Violence! Darcy's page also let's you vote for your favorite character from Powder. Guess who is in the lead?


Commericals, Late Bloomers, Dazed and Confused, and Esteban's early TV work.

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