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We have added some questions regarding the 2002-2003 season to our "Sorrows of Young Francis" page. Yeah, they're silly, but what do you want? We've finally done some updating after more than two years....

A cool picture of Christopher from the MITM episode "Home Alone"
© 2000 by Regency Television / Fox Television. All rights reserved.


Yes, that is Christopher in Scary Movie 2. He plays "Buddy."

With apologies to Goethe, we present:


Christopher plays Francis, exiled to the Marlin Academy in "Malcolm in the Middle."
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Long-time fans of Christopher Masterson (or readers of our pages!) know that once upon a time, he was "Steve at 10" in the movie Singles. Now that Christopher is twenty, we gladly present a few pix of him from one of his earliest acting jobs:

Young Steve listens intently as his doctor tells him about sex.

Steve wants his mother to verify that he already knows what a "penis" is .

Steve tells his friends where Spam™ comes from .

All images and characters from Singles ©1992 by Warner Bros. Pictures.
(By the way, Spam™ doesn't really come from where Steve said it does. We hope.)


As the photo at the top of this page shows, we have been fans of Christopher since he was just a kid. NOW, however, he is 23 years old.


We have been maintaining this fan page for about fiveyears, long before most people had ever heard of Christopher Kennedy Masterson, but we are fairly certain that a lot of Chris Masterson fan pages will be springing up since the premiere of "Malcolm in the Middle." Some people who start web pages do not know what the word "official" means in relation to a star's publicity, so, since ours is the original fan page for Chris Masterson (and for his brother, Danny, and for several other young stars as well) let us us assure you that Christopher does not have an "official" fan page at this time. We have been trying to get him to start one for years, but he has not been interested (he keeps spending his time making movies instead of working on the Internet, for some reason!). THIS is an unofficial page, even though it is the original one, and we make it a point to emphasize the fact whenever we do have official news from Christopher or "his people." If and when Christopher does authorize an official fan page -- trust us, we'll let you know!


Our "(Mostly) Unofficial Christopher Masterson Fan Page" on GeoCities has been under the control of evil Yahoos since July of 1999 and we cannot update or change it in any way short of suing Yahoo! Inc. (which we are seriously considering, trust us!). This page -- right here -- the one you are looking at -- is, for all intents and purposes, the same page, but 100% advertisement free and frequently updated. If you want to keep up with Christopher Masterson fan news, please bookmark this page, and delete your bookmark for our GeoCities Chris Masterson page. Future news and updates will be made here, not there.


Christopher Kennedy Masterson plays eldest brother Francis in "Malcolm in the Middle."
© 2000 by Regency Television / Fox Television. All rights reserved.

Those of you who have been following our news on Christopher (when we can get any!) know that MONTHS ago we announced that he would be appearing on Fox Television's new series, "Malcolm in the Middle." For those of you who have been wondering what happened, here's the scoop: Fox decided to use a radical strategy in their Fall season. With many shows returning, they announced that "Malcolm" would not be aired until January 2000 -- not because it was bad, not because they expected it to be a mid-season replacement for a failing show, but because they were confident that it would be an instant hit and they wanted to air it in the new year, when other networks were beginning to air re-runs.

Fox pulled out the stops and gave "Malcolm in the Middle" one of their cushiest time-slots: Sunday nights from 8:30 to 9:00, between "The Simpsons" and "The X-Files," a slot which turned "King of the Hill" into one of Fox's highest-rated programs. It's premiere episode will be between brand-new episodes of both "The Simpsons" and "The X-Files."

"Malcolm in the Middle" debuted Sunday, January 9th, at 8:30 P.M.

By the way, waaay down at the bottom of this page you'll see one of the first paragraphs we wrote here about Chris Masterson, concerning his name. Just to confuse us further, Christopher uses his full name in the credits of "Malcolm in the Middle": he is Christopher KENNEDY Masterson. We do wish he would take some pity on us; "Chris" is much faster to type -- the last thing we need is carpal tunnel syndrome from having to constantly type out his whole name! ;)


We have been pointing out for over two years that Christopher and Danny Masterson are ratings gold, and "Malcolm in the Middle" and "That '70s Show" prove us right. "Malcolm in the Middle" must be an especially sweet birthday present for Christopher (he was born on 21 January 1980) because over thirty million people watched the premiere of "Malcolm." We don't have the actual Nielsen ratings chart in front of us at the moment, but as we recollect, "Malcolm" was the 6th-highest rated show and won its time slot. It is fairly safe to say that fate delivered Christopher a hit show for a Y2K birthday present!

Those who want to send birthday cards to Christopher may do so at the address given in the "100% Official News" below. Please remember, though, that is just a mailing address for Christopher and Danny, it's not where they live.

WE'RE #34!!!

We've mentioned previously that we have an international audience. Now EuroSeek™ has made it official. With visitors from more than thirty different countries, after only being listed with Euroseek™ since April, 1999,



Christopher Masterson in Matthew Modine's Ecce Pirate.
© 1996 by Matthew Modine.

After repeated requests by us, The Sundance Channel FINALLY replayed Ecce Pirate, in which Christopher stars as a boy who is kidnapped by pirates. The show aired on 22 June 1999, and we hope to upload some exciting pictures from it soon.

The official Sundance Channel description of Ecce Pirate is:

Ecce Pirate 

Directed by Matthew Modine
Distributed by Chyna Wranch, Inc.
Matthew Modine directed this tale of a young man who has assumed
the life of a pirate, several years after being kidnapped and  
forced to grow up on a pirate ship. TV14 (D,S,V) (adult content,
brief nudity, violence) (:22)

Finally, after you have seen Ecce Pirate at long last, please e-mail the Sundance Channel and thank them for airing it. (We might also suggest that fans of Christopher's write to him at the address below and urge him to contact us and make us his OFFICIAL web site so that we don't have to dig through the whole Internet like rats through a trash heap to find these wonderful tid-bits for you all, but we would never dream of imposing any further upon Christopher's good graces than we already do. Right. Uh huh. . . .


As we noted on our main page, last year Christopher Masterson came in first (by one vote!) over his brother Danny as your favorite star here, but we received so many write-ins for Ben Affleck, Ryan Phillippe and others that we had to re-set the survey counter to include them. If you want to vote for for yourfavorite actor here, go to the bottom of this page and click on the plea to the Muse to take you "Home" (ours, not yours!), then scroll down to the survey panel and cast your vote. (Note: 27 JULY 2001: Christopher is currently very far ahead of stars Ryan Phillippe, Ben Silverstone his brother Danny of "That '70s Show", and far ahead of mega-star Ben Affleck.)


(See, if we whine enough on your behalf, we are sometimes heard!)

Dragonheart II will apparently be going to video sometime in the late summer, and Christopher will be co-starring in Fox's new series, "Malcolm in the Middle." More info on those as we get them. (NOTE: 13 JANUARY 2000 -- See? we told you that we would deliver information as we got it -- "Malcolm in the Middle" was an instant hit this weekend, and we are still waiting for Dragonheart II.)

Finally, for all of you who have been asking, here is the OFFICIAL address to which to send fan mail for either Christopher or Danny Masterson:

The Savage Agency

6212 Banner Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90038


Do NOT -- shall we repeat this for you? -- DO NOT expect either Christopher or Danny to have the time to reply to your letters, although they will probably read them when they have the chance. They are both extremely busy right now with their shows (remember, Danny had to give up a majormovie role just to appear in "That '70s Show"), and they both have lives, so they don't have much time to answer their mail personally. (Hint for those who don't grasp the obvious: DO NOT send homemade cookies and cakes, either -- the ants will eat them long before either Masterson receives the package, which will have to be forwarded to them, a process which usually takes the U.S. Postal Service about two weeks to accomplish (and far longer during holiday seasons). Also, be advised that this is NOT -- N-O-T -- where they live, so don't bother going there in person -- you won't find them; Danny lives with his girlfriend in the Hollywood Hills and Christopher travels constantly making movies, so Goddess only knows where he is on any given day!

Finally, the TV series pilot, "Sugar Daddies," which Christopher was working on for NBC, was cancelled during pre-production, so don't hold your breath waithing for it.

13 JANUARY 2000: some grumpy Gusses (or Augustas) think that we are being condescending and talking down to our readers when we tell them not to visit the address we have just given and to not send food gifts. Sigh. For the benefit of the provincials, please let us remind everyone that we have readers in at least thirty countries, and that not all countries have the same social customs. In the United States and Britain, celebrities tend to be shy of the public (often for personal safety reasons, as the attacks on John Lennon and George Harrison showed), while in other countries celebrities answer their own phones, do their own shopping, etc., and it is considered perfectly acceptable for complete strangers to go up to a celebrity and start a conversation or even visit a celebrity's home. (One European Queen even does her own grocery shopping, and chats with her subjects in line at the market!)

One young Canadian television star, very popular in the USA, still lives in his tiny hometown near Toronto and makes no secret of where he lives and what he does when he is back home; he is as approachable as any other person his age despite being world-famous. In the United States, however, things are very different, and people who watch "I Love Lucy" re-runs and think that it is okay to just knock on a star's front door in Hollywood or Beverly Hills are likely to wind up arrested! In any case, the address above is just for mail for Christopher and Danny, and it is not, as we have said, their home address.

5 MAY 1999: GIRL is a girl

Kushner-Locke has sent us so much information on girl that we haven't had time to enter it all yet. For the moment, suffice it to say that, for those who want to be "letter perfect" in everything, the title is spelled in all lower case letters, like the title for the Lukas Haas and David Arquette movie johns.

So that our loyal visitors are not left totally high and dry, we have added links on our main page to several other sites on the Internet which also devote themselves to pictures, at least, of young actors, and one or two have mirror sites for young actresses as well, for you fans of Jennifer Tilly, Reese Witherspoon, etc.


. . . in Sweden. Yep, according to the Internet Movie Database listings, girl opened today in Sweden. girl stars Dominique Swain, Sean Patrick Flannery, Channon Roe, David Moscow, and, of course, Christopher, who plays "Richard." More info as we receieve it (or dig it up, as is usually the case!).


For those of you who were wondering, Christopher is credited as "Daryl Dawson" in American History X. Totally clueless as to who "Daryl Dawson" was? You're not the only one. "Daryl" was the boy was beaten up in the restroom at the beginning of the movie; as near as we could tell, he was never called Daryl. Important as his role was, his back was to the camera most of the time; we only recognized him by his curly blond hair; his face was shown only a few times. Aren't you glad we're experts?

19 March 1999: The new little PAX-TV network (KPXN, Channel 30 in the Los Angeles area) will be airing the celebrated "Touched By An Angel" episode starring Christopher Masterson and Madeline Zima on March 30th (8:00 PM in Los Angeles -- check your local listings for the PAX-TV station in your area, assuming that you have a PAX-TV station in your area).

13 JANUARY 1999: How hard do we work for your enjoyment?

This hard: not that anyone told us (we, as usual, had to find out for ourselves), but Christopher is DEFINITELY appearing in Dragonheart II. That's official, from his agents. For more info, click here for our source on this.

Apropos of none of the above, Christopher co-starred in Tom Stoppard's play Arcadia in Los Angeles a while back. Fans of Stoppard's writing can hear more of it in Ben Affleck, and Judi Dench.

Campfire Tales:

Campfire Tales starring Christopher, Jimmy Marsden, Jay Ferguson, Devon Odessa, etc. had a two-day theatrical release last Halloween. Read all about it (real soon!)! Honest! Soon! REAL SOON!

Chris as "Mr. Bowen" in Cutthroat Island. (c)1995 by M.G.M.

All images from "Touched By an Angel" (c) 1997 by CBS Productions. Do not print, copy or download them.

Tremendous thanks to the Zima Sisters Unofficial Fan Page for the six pix of Christopher as "Doc" from "Touched By an Angel" which we have been able to upload. Madeline Zima (from "The Nanny") co-starred with Christopher on what was one of the first ratings-busting episodes of the (now) enormously popular CBS show. The six pix are scattered throughout our site, so re-visit spots here which you may not have been to for a while (like the listing for "Touched By an Angel, below!). Maybe it's time to bombard CBS with demands for a sequel to that episode? What say you Madeline and Christopher fans?

All images from "Touched By an Angel" (c) 1997 by CBS Productions. Do not print, copy or download them.

BTW, it appears that Matthew Modine filmed the movie in black-and-white, so be aware that if you see any B & W pix of Christopher in pirate garb (or in a state of . . . um . . . "undress"), the picture is almost certainly from Matthew Modine's film, and he should be credited. (We asked for permission to run the pictures we have, because we admire Modine and don't want to step on his copyrights, unlike some less scrupulous sources.)

23 September 1998: Elsewhere on this page we mention how difficult it is for us to get info on Christopher for your viewing pleasure. WE AIN'T KIDDING!

First of all, we have been informed by The Vault that Campfire Tales was released yesterday by New Line Home video and should be available at video stores. We, of course, still haven't seen it.

Then, while prowling around Star Galaxy we discovered that the two new pix we recently uploaded are not from Campfire Tales; they are from Ece Pirate, written and directed by Christopher's former Cutthroat Island co-star, Matthew Modine. The spelling "Ece," by the way, is from the Internet Movie Data Base, which has virtually no information on this film. We SHALL persist in tracking it down.

24 SEPTEMBER 24 1998: How's this for tracking it down?

Christopher Masterson is kidnapped inEcce Pirate.
© 1996(?) by Matthew Modine.
Christopher has been kidnapped a lot in the last couple of years, hasn't he?

AUGUST 24th, 1998 NEWS!

You've been asking for years for shirtless pix of Chris Masterson. Well, guess what we got from Teen Celebs ???!

Christopher in Matthew Modine's Ecce Pirate.
© 1996(?) by Matthew Modine.

All images from "Touched By an Angel" (c) 1997 by CBS Productions. Do not print, copy or download them.

All images from "Touched By an Angel" (c) 1997 by CBS Productions. Do not print, copy or download them.

We have freely acknowledged being fans of Christopher Masterson since CBS aired the cancelled-too-soon The Road Home. We confess to not quite understanding why his name has expanded with his career (he has gone from "Chris Masterson" to "Christopher Masterson" to "Christopher K. Masterson" in three years), but his career is taking off, just as we predicted. (And the nice people at IMDb now tell us that our man's full name is Christopher KENNEDY Masterson.) Ironically, however, Christopher has become mostsuccessful since he has reverted to plain, old "Chris." (29 APRIL 1998: What Do We Know Department: Christopher has just appeared as "Christopher Kennedy Masterson" in a creepy episode of "Millenium" entitled, "A ROOM WITH NO VIEW." We have a link to Lee Record's full review (SPOILER WARNING!) of the episode .

Since Christopher doesn't (yet) have a home page of his own, please consider this a (mostly) UNofficial source of info on him. And we solemnly assure you (22 September 1998) that getting information about Christopher is DIFFICULT! We have been trying for almost two years to get "his people" to develop a page for him or send us info, and it's apparently hopeless. Since our film reviewer will hopefully be certified soon by the Motion Picture Association of America, maybe they'll send him something we can use here!

By the way, for those of you who were wondering about the name, he is Danny Masterson's brother. THAT's official. (Christopher told the Shea-man that himself, which is about as "official" as may be.)

Nielsens ADORE Christopher!

(c) 1997 by CBS Productions.

Chris co-starred as "Doc," a very ill boy in the 1997 season's third episode of "Touched By An Angel," and, whether because of his appearance or not, that episode creamed its opposition and became the season's most successful "Touched By An Angel" episode. Considering how much the Nielsens love Danny Masterson, we think that the episode's success was due to Christopher's presence. Consider:

The Mastersons remain masters of the Nielsen ratings!

If those of you who are his fans lobby REALLY HARD, maybe he'll start a home page of his own or send us some exclusive material to entangle in the Web. Unless and until he does, please consider us a strictly UNofficial source of Masterson information.

Many thanks to Dennis Kytasaari for pointing out that Christopher played "Avery at 13" in episode 126 of Murphy Brown. The episode aired 17 May 1993, at the end of the show's fifth season. (It's the "one" about Avery's first birthday party.)

Apropos of "One," we HAVE a copy of Christopher's scene at last! Hopefully, we will be able to grab a frame or two for his fans to see. Considering that this episode only airs once a year, we hope you will appreciate our efforts to get this!

(Before Christopher was "Avery at 13," however, he was "Steve at 10" in Singles.)

Christopher also appeared as "Lewis Bing" in the "Just One Lullaby" episode of the popular TeeVee series Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. We had tuned in to see Eric Balfour as (ironically) Benjamin Avery. The episode is number 037 of Dr. Quinn, and first aired 9 April 1994. It "won" it's night, by the way. (Ultra-trivia: "Lewis Bing" was also previously played by David Tom, who is the brother of Nicole Tom, who co-stars with Madeline Zima on The Nanny; Madeline, in her turn, co-starred with Chris on Touched By an Angel.)

"Just One Lullaby" aired in Los Angeles on KCOP-TV 13 on Friday, June 20th, 1997 at 9:00 AM. Check with your local station & TV listings for the date and time it will be showing again in your area.

With its availability on videotape, we finally got to see Michael Cimino's The Sunchaser, in which Christopher has a (too-)small part, as Dr. Mike's older brother. Fans of Christopher's long, wavy, blond locks may not be prepared for his "look" in this film, but his performance (what there is of it) is good. Frankly, though, our vote for best performance in the film goes to John Christian Graas (who has also appeared on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, btw).

We don't know much about Christopher K.'s life on the stage, but we do have the Shea-man's review of his performance in Tom Stoppard's Arcadia at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles.

Les Petites canailles, one of Christopher's films, has a title which may be translated as "The Little Rascals." This is not the 1994 American film directed by Penelope Spheeris, it is a 1992 Italian film (in English), directed by we-know-not-whom (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more!), but with cinematography by Roberto Forges Davanzati , who is perhaps best know for his camera work on that classic, Cannibal Holocaust. We are not making this up.

My Best Friend's Wedding

To see some truly flattering cinematography of Christopher Masterson (and Julia Roberts and Dermot Mulroney and Rupert Everett and Cameron Diaz and . . .) go to see My Best Friend's Wedding, which contains some of the most flattering footage ever shot of these stars. And the film's good, too! (By early August it had hit Number FOUR at the box office and has since grossed well over $140,000,000, making it the most successful film in which Christopher has appeared so far. Christopher plays Scott O'Neal, the best man (a choice with which many would agree, we're sure!). As of 5 November, 1997, by the way, it was still showing in at least one theater on Hollywood Boulevard!

Good publicity department: 25 November 1997: My Best Friend's Wedding is, sadly, no longer playing on Hollywood Boulevard, but -- since we posted our November 5 update -- it was added to 285 more theaters nationwide! It has also now grossed over $125,000,000, and its November 14-16 weekend gross (how much people spent on tickets for it) was up 166% from the previous weekend, even though the national weekend gross for the top 50 films dropped by 2%! For the record, My Best Friend's Wedding is (so far) the 9th most popular film of 1997 in the USA. Number 10 is . . . Face/Off, which co-stars Chris's brother, Danny. The Masterson Men rule the Nielsen ratings and the box office! . . .

Update: May 15, 1998: At least they ruled until Titanic was released! Look for My Best Friend's Wedding and Face/Off on video now.

Christopher in one of his most touching moments, touching an angel.
All images from "Touched By an Angel" (c) 1997 by CBS Productions. Do not print, copy or download them.

If you're wondering where some of Hollywood's top young stars learned their craft, check out Rider Strong's page for Diane Hill-Hardin's Young Actor's Space. What better recommendation for acting training than that the brothers Strong (Rider and Shiloh) and Masterson (Chris and Danny), the siblings Tom (Nicholle and David), the Mowry twins (Tia & Tamara), Luke Edwards, and . . . heck . . . just click on Rider's page -- but come BACK here, gentle reader! (13 January 2000: The last time we checked, a couple of months ago, Rider's page was still up, but had not been updated for more than a year.)

* The lower right photo of "Chris Masterson" which used to be at Star Galaxy is NOT Christopher -- it's:
Bobby Fain, his ex-co-star in "The Road Home," with whom he is sometimes confused.

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