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The United States Congress is CURRENTLY (as in today and for the next several weeks)considering "Anti-Terrorist Legislation" which would have a serious and extremely negative impact on the use of the Internet, e-mail, telephone service, and other means of telecommunication, and the Department of Justice is actually in a position to begin considering the users of music download services and users of "open source code" of DVDs as terrorists.. We strongly urge ALL of our visitors, but U.S. citizens and resident aliens especially, to click on the Blue Ribbon icon under the "Last Updated" line above, visit the Electronic Frontiers Foundation site and find out what you can do to (1) protect your on-line privacy, and (2) fight legislation which would curtail our free speech.

Of course, if you think that logging onto another person's computer to download music should land a person in prison, then please don't bother. If you can't tell the difference between MP3, a DVD, or a Stinger missile, though, there is good news for you: several U.S. Government agencies have job openings now and they are offering high salaries, good benefits and lifetime job security to people who are willing to give up the U.S. Constitution rather than defend it. After all, the only thing that separates Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and their worshippers in Washington from the Taliban is that the Taliban have no clothing sense.

Leonardo Di Caprio & Claire Danes as R & J
(c)1996 by 20th Century Fox.

Here's a brief list of some stars whose pictures are available here at Jaundiced Eye's Home Page. Please note the copyrights of the various picture owners and do NOT print or download these pictures without permission. If we have been unable to locate a copyright owner, our use of the picture is not meant to imply any infringement of the rights of the copyright holder. They are published here for the purposes of fair use and comment ONLY, so that you may see whom we "know, love, or admire," and then pay good money to see their movies.

Please enjoy these pictures and tell your friends about them. (We have reloaded this page in May, 2001, but we are still having some trouble with some of the pictures. We are working to get this page up and running again as soon as possible.)

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It's the End of the World . . . :

In 1985, in Athens, Georgia, the video for R.E.M.'s "It's the End of the World as We Know It (and I Feel Fine)" was recorded, but with no credit given to its young star. According to Michael Stipe, he was a local boy who was recruited for the video, it was a miserably hot day and he spontaneously removed his shirt because of the heat and humidity; the director liked the look and the rest is music video history. Our young fellow subsequently went on to try his own hand at a recording career.

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